Friday, November 8, 2013

Shower for Baby William

A few years ago my calendar was filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings.  Fast forward to today and you'll likely find me at a baby shower ooohh'ing and awww'ing over onesies, bottles and burp cloths.  

When my dear childhood friend announced he and his wife were expecting I immediately insisted on helping host a shower.  It truly is an honor to participate in helping prepare a couple for adventures that lie ahead.

Delicious Brunch

Assorted mismatched clear glass plates

One of the hosts offered her great grandmother's silver for the occasion.

The guest of honor got to enjoy these beautiful flowers for days after the shower.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Princess says... Time for Tea

When beginning my vintage collection as a young girl, I found myself particularly drawn to cups and saucers.  Over the years many sets were gifted to me by dear friends and relatives knowing of my admiration for this most delicate glassware.  Today we have over 100 sets in our collection and it is still a treat to pull them out for special occasions.    

The day was perfection.

Vintage Tabletop had the opportunity to collaborate with local vendors this past spring to create a special memory for a couple of very excited birthday girls.  This photo shoot was precious and we felt so blessed to be included.


Photography: Des Marie Photography
Large Vintage Rentals & Styling: Magnolia Bliss
Tabletop Decor: Vintage Tabletop Rental

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Wedding at the Round Barn

When I sit down with a Bride or Mother of the Bride to discuss wedding details, I never know how their day will come together.  I contribute a small piece to the big picture.  Occasionally my opinion is asked and I always carefully share my experiences from past events, always with the intention of promoting best practices.

In preparation for this wedding, I met with the Mother of the Bride a number of times to coordinate our efforts.  I was hired to set-up the event which is always a treat.  Upon arrival I was delighted to find the tablescapes had already begun to take life.

I was in awe of the natural light flooding this venue.  They had a single milk glass vase in each windowsill but they kept slipping down to the concrete below.  It was picturesque while it lasted.

Burlap tablecloths with crisp white linen napkins.

Flowers by Trochta's in Oklahoma City
The Mother of the Bride is an antique lover and spent many moons collecting her own incredible vintage collection of milk glass, silver trays, crates, mason jars and much more!  Trochta's did a fabulous job using the milk glass to display their arrangements.  And, I cannot wait to see the 'official' pictures from Fire & Nice Photography by Chelsea White.

A bride after my own heart - Cupcake Dessert Table
Cupcakes by Green Goodies in Classen Curve

Before leaving I gave the set-up one last look and thanked the Lord for bringing the right events to our small budding business at the right time.  It is an truly endearing feeling to know that so many have helped make days like this possible.

Thank you's...
To my husband for helping me wash dishes late into the night because I waited wayyyyy to long to get started.
To my mom for rushing to my rescue upon realizing I had left a box of glassware at the house.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Vintage Alternative to Bouquets

Who doesn't just love a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers?

To suggest that a brooch could ever take the place of such a classic staple in a wedding is not intentional.  It is an alternative.  A whimsical touch.

While I was out 'picking' over the weekend for an upcoming wedding I stumbled upon a treasure chest of bridal details that I just had to share.

Donna Matts, with The Finishing Touch - Vintage Fashion Jewelry, is creating and designing exquisite bouquets.  Her booth is located in the Antique Avenue Market on Western Avenue.

Donna's creations are all one of a kind, unique to each bride.  Whether you have a collection of your grandmother's brooches or your mother-in-laws orphan earrings, it can be arranged to showcase your family heirlooms in a way that will live on long after your wedding day.  

Looking to create this look, but don't know where to begin?  Her booth is packed with pieces to help you get started.  She also has a great selection of authentic vintage jewelry, toasting glasses and gift ideas for your bridal party.

Go see Donna, and tell her I sent you!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Define Vintage

What is Vintage?

By definition, the term Vintage is characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal - classic. 

What is our goal?

To provide an option.  And, to bring the charm of vintage embellishments back to the table.

What can we provide you?

Whether you have your own collection and need just a few more finishing pieces or you are a bride looking for that 'something different' detail, we offer our collection to complete your tabletop decor.   We have everything you need to create the perfect table setting for any occasion.  


Vintage Tabletop Rental - Servicing the Great State of Oklahoma