Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Vintage Alternative to Bouquets

Who doesn't just love a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers?

To suggest that a brooch could ever take the place of such a classic staple in a wedding is not intentional.  It is an alternative.  A whimsical touch.

While I was out 'picking' over the weekend for an upcoming wedding I stumbled upon a treasure chest of bridal details that I just had to share.

Donna Matts, with The Finishing Touch - Vintage Fashion Jewelry, is creating and designing exquisite bouquets.  Her booth is located in the Antique Avenue Market on Western Avenue.

Donna's creations are all one of a kind, unique to each bride.  Whether you have a collection of your grandmother's brooches or your mother-in-laws orphan earrings, it can be arranged to showcase your family heirlooms in a way that will live on long after your wedding day.  

Looking to create this look, but don't know where to begin?  Her booth is packed with pieces to help you get started.  She also has a great selection of authentic vintage jewelry, toasting glasses and gift ideas for your bridal party.

Go see Donna, and tell her I sent you!